What is branded content? Definition, advantages and examples

What is branded content? Branded content is a marketing technique that consists of creating. Content linked to a brand that allows that brand to connect with the consumer. To further refine this definition, let’s see what are the main characteristics of branded content. It is focused on the values ​​of the brand, not its products or its services . Although it can adopt the format of a classic video spot, its essence has nothing to do with it. Since it is based more on the intangible qualities of the brand than on the specific characteristics of its offer. Seeks to generate conversation and awareness around the brand . More than looking for a direct sale or conversion, these contents try to impact the audience and make them talk about the brand.

What is branded content?

Therefore, the key metrics to measure the success of an action Italy Business Fax List of this type usually focus on awareness and the number of mentions. It generates added value for the user . Normally we conceive of advertising as a price to pay to consume the content that really interests us, but branding seeks to turn this reality around and create content that users really want to consume. Generally, this added value comes in the form of entertainment. Appeals to the emotions . The use of emotions to convince goes back to the times of aristotle, and today it continues to be an effective resource. Branded content does not seek to show rational arguments about why a brand is better than the competition.

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Differences with conventional advertising

But to connect with the audience on Leads Blue a more intimate level. It makes use of storytelling . In essence, what this type of content seeks is to tell a representative story of the brand to the viewer, with protagonists, beginning, middle and end. It can present multiple formats and broadcast channels . Branded content is a very flexible concept, so it can be adapted to many different presentations: video content, podcasts, copies, interactive formats, video games, street actions, events… Or even combine several of them to count.

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