In the fight against spam, which aims

According to a series of research by Gartner and the Content Marketing Institute .  Email marketing continues to be one of the preferred tools for marketers .
Yet, to be able to get the most out of a , focusing solely on creating original and captivating content is not enough. In fact, it is necessary to make sure that users’ mailboxes are reached in the correct way , without running into anti-spam filters. In short, we need to pay attention to email deliverability .
But what does email deliverability depend on and how do you improve it, i.e. the ability of communications to arrive correctly in users’ inboxes without ending up in spam?

What is email deliverability

to guarantee users clean and organized mailboxes to contain only and exclusively desired communications, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) impose more and more restrictions. Through a series Netherlands Phone Number List  of algorithms designed to define the relevance of each incoming email communication, it is the ISPs themselves who determine whether or not the emails can reach their destination.

Email deliverability: what are hard and soft bounces

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Ending up in spam , or in the dreaded folder of unwanted or suspicious messages, is today a very high risk which, as it is clear, renders any email marketing strategy Leads Blue useless  email marketing is email deliverability , i.e. the ability to deliver email messages to the main inbox of one’s subscribers . This metric indicates how many messages, out of the total sent, actually reached the recipient’s primary mailbox, without incurring a hard or soft bounce

Before moving on to consider what affects email deliverability, and therefore the best practices to implement to improve this metric, it is necessary to dwell on the concepts of hard and soft bounces.




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