Optimizing Core Web Vitals: How to do it

After testing the Web Vitals of your website, you will surely be wondering what to do and how to intervene to optimize the parameters that do not satisfy Google and negatively affect the UX you offer to your visitors.  

In reality, there can be many root causes of suboptimal Web Vitals, but here are a few ways to get started

, the higher the probability that users will decide to leave the website. If your LCP exceeds 2.5 seconds, we recommend optimizing all high-resolution images by compressing them as they could slow down page loading time. Then consider reducing the number of resources that contain CSS and JavaScript and using the so-called “lazy loading”. Through lazy loading you will be able to delay the loading of images and videos positioned below the page fold thus obtaining a lower LCP.

How to improve First Input Delay 

If your site’s FID exceeds the 100ms threshold, you need to intervene on this metric by first minimizing the JavaScript code which, if complex and not optimized, could negatively affect the page’s response time.

At the same time, it may be useful to remove unnecessary third-party scripts and use browser caching , i.e. caching the browser so as to reduce the response time.  Visual fuzziness is  Mexico Phone Number List naturally a major problem when browsing a website. No one likes to accidentally click on an item simply because it moved around the page while it loaded.

This is why when the CLS exceeds 0.1, it becomes essential to find a solution to the problem . Among the first things to pay attention to are certainly the images and multimedia elements, of which we advise you to set the dimensions.

If your site has dynamic or pop-up ads , make sure you reserve space for each of them to avoid sudden movement during asynchronous loading and inadvertently covering part of your main content.

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Core Web Vitals are fundamental metrics capable of describing the User Experience offered by a website. Starting from 2021, Google has made LCP, FID and CLS ranking factors capable of influencing the positioning of the website on the search results page.  

On the SEO side, optimizing these parameters is therefore Leads Blue essential to offer users a good browsing experience and increase the chances of conversion. A fast, responsive and stable website is in fact able to respond to the needs of users by creating a better customer journey for them.

Together, UX and SEO make the website a resource capable of attracting and retaining users, thus increasing the company’s ROI .

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