Content curation what it is and the 30 best tools

What is content curation and what can it bring you? We call content curation the process of finding, gathering, organizing and sharing the highest quality and relevant content on a specific topic. For example, we can collect content for a periodic newsletter about news about our sector. What distinguishes content curation is that it must provide value . We can’t just copy and paste a link to share third-party content on our own channels, but we need to go a step further. For example, we can make a compilation of the best content on a very specific topic and present it with our own comments and opinions. Incorporating content curation into our marketing has multiple benefits, such as: help you find ideas for your own content and learn more about your industry.

What is content curation and what can it bring you?

Improve the positioning of your brand’s websites through Ireland Business Fax List quality content. Reduce ” infoxication ” (poisoning due to excess information) by offering previously filtered content that meets quality requirements. Feed your community with regular updates and get more followers. Give more visibility to your own brand and improve its image and online reputation by positioning yourself as an expert in a sector. Improve networking and brand relationships with other experts in the sector, we are already helping them spread their content. How to do content curation step by step 1) think about what your audience needs. For content curation to add value, you have to talk about the topics that are really useful, interesting and relevant to your audience .

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How to do content curation step by step

Therefore, the first thing is to try to define what your theme Leads Blue and focus will be. 2) select and filter the information. Nowadays we live surrounded by information at all hours, but quantity and quality must not be confused. Focus on looking for content that is really focused on the topics that most interest your audience and that fit with the editorial line of your brand. 3) organize the information. If you don’t properly categorize content from the start, you’ll end up with a bunch of chaotic information that you’ll have a hard time taking advantage of.

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