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The Omnibus Directive , which enter into force in. Poland in the new year, and the national legislation adapt to it, are intend to prevent unfair market practices, including price manipulation. There are also several other changes associat with the new law. What has chang since January , Until now, the Price Indication Directive was in force, which oblig the entrepreneur to indicate the price of the product, as well as prices per unit of measure eg. Per grams or a liter of the product. The omnibus includes the introduction of an additional article to the existing directive. After all, these are not passing.

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This is to protect the interests of consumers. The most important and most widely discuss change is the addition of provisions to the directive according. To which each time the price of a product is ruc, the entrepreneur should provide not only information. About the ruction, but also the lowest price of the product in the last days. miaexpert example foto i kamery kamery kamery sportowe kamera Finland Mobile Number List sporotwa gopro hero black. Records on paper do not always translate clearly into the existing reality. Practitioners indicate the ne to interpret such issuesthe length of the period to which reference should be made.

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When indicating the lowest price. Whether informing about the price ruction applies only to goods or also to services; how precisely the price ruction is defin. Nevertheless, the new provisions are already in force and in many stores you can see additional. Information about prices before the promotion. Who does the new obligation apply to. The change applies primarily to those entities that are parties to the contract with the consumer. Therefore, it Leads Blue applies to sellers who run stationary or online stores, in a wordthose who decide on the final price. ashions, but part of the general direction in.

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