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It is impossible to write about the automation and trends of Google Ads without mentioning a new type of campaign, which in the end of warm up industry blogs, e mails between agencies and clients or conversations between specialists. Of course, we are talking about Performance Max. Performance Max was available from the end of , but it was that brought its full presentation. The third quarter of the year is a gradual automatic, nomen omen transformation of smart product campaigns into PMaxy. Like it or not, each advertiser gradually became familiar with it. Inde, Performance Max is an interesting form of campaign, with a very wide spectrum of reaching potential recipients.

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From the provid data, he can create visually. Attractive creations tailor to the recipient. Campaign optimization, however, is very limit, because. Automation plays the biggest role here the matching of rates, creations, hours of displaying ads or devices is determin primarily by learning systems. In addition, the campaign is constantly being improv a novelty in recent weeks is the gradual introduction of the ability to exclude placements in Georgia Mobile Number List Performance Max. This option was previously unavailable. Personal data protection This is a topic announc a year ago as a potential challenge. On the one hand, the environment in which we reach our recipients with advertising is changing significantly.

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On the other hand, the implement directives. On the protection of consumer rights, and above all on the protection of personal data, mean that. Websites must meet more requirements the user may refuse to collect information about his behavior for marketing or web analytics. Data collection and processing has become a more complex topic. This year Leads Blue has really brought us the ne to familiarize ourselves with Google Analytics this service will replace. Universal Analytics in July , explore the intricacies of extend conversions and consent mode.

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