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Sensory marketing in e commerce. Each product available on the market, including the e commerce market, is able to affect two of the five senses sight and hearing. The impact on the other senses, i.e. smell, taste and touch, requires that the customer interacts with the product live. Nevertheless, quite rightly, sensory marketing is becoming more and more popular not only with stationary companies, but also with online stores. what a good online shop looks like. What are the advantages of sensory marketing. The main advantages of sensory marketing include effectively influencing customers’ purchasing decisions effectively influencing.

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The repeatability of customers’ purchasing. Decisions increase in sales increasing the budget for planning, implementing and testing new solutions relat, among others, to marketing of the senses and the associat brand development. See What is the process of making a purchase decision by a consumer What are the disadvantages of sensory marketing. The main disadvantages of sensory marketing include the ne to plan and then implement new Indonesia Mobile Number List solutions. Relat to the marketing of the senses and the consequent time consumption the risk of making mistakes, eg. Offering customers negatively associat music or a fragrance. bakeries, confectioneries, ice cream parlors and even bars.

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That they negatively evaluate, which will have. The opposite effect to the intend one overstimulation, i.e. lack of moderation, balance in providing customers with stimuli that stimulate the senses, which may cause them irritation and discouragement from the brand. How does sensory marketing work in a stationary store It is also worth describing how sensory marketing works in traditional stores, i.e. stationary stores. Imagine that a customer enters a bookstore just to look around, not planning to buy a book. Meanwhile, in the store there is Leads Blue pleasant, calming music sense of hearing , a fresh, refreshing smell sense of smell , and the store space is tidy.

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