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However this sin is an extremely rare practice most. Likely due to the high penalties that can be impos on the brand committing it. Sin the lesser evil The sixth sin of greenwashing is the lesser evil. According to research by TarraChoice of brands allow it. This sin consists in advertising a product that is consider harmful to society cigarettes for example while informing. That the product is less harmful than most similar products on the market organic cigarettes for example. It is worth noting at this point that smoking regardless of whether they are traditional. Or organic cigarettes is simply harmful not only for the smoker and people around him but also for the natural environment.

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Examples of greenwashing It s best to learn. From someone else s mistakes. Below we describe examples of greenwashing which as you can suspect did not meet with social approval. An example of greenwashing bas on the activities of hotels. Hotel guests often find mini toiletries in the bathrooms. Most often it consists of shampoo shower Lithuania Mobile Number List gel and soap. Often only one of these cosmetics is organic. Meanwhile the words eco or organic appear on the packaging of all three products. An example of greenwashing bas on a tea producer. One of the tea producers advertis its products on a. Facebook fanpage as the only vegan teas on the market.

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When ask by inquisitive Internet users what this. Veganism is all about he repli that they do not contain ingrients of animal origin. Meanwhile traditional and what is worth adding much cheaper teas also do not have them in their composition and producers do not make this obvious advantage. An example of greenwashing bas on the activities of the. Coles chain Coles is a supermarket chain in Australia. A few years ago this brand withdrew thin and. Disposable plastic bags and instead offer customers thick reusable bags. It is worth noting that the Leads Blue bags were free and the price of one bag was cents.

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