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In theory this was explain by social. Responsibility and care for the natural environment in practice it was aim at generating savings. How often do brands use greenwashing Statistics on how often brands use greenwashing are surprising and alarming at the same time. And so according to the research carri out by the TerraChoice agency of the. Products that were verifi had at least one feature characteristic of the describ phenomenon ie. Eco cookies This means that the descriptions or packaging of almost all products except for only advertis as ecological. Eontain manipulations half truths or simply lies.

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How is greenwashing combat. Greenwashing like any lie in marketing is undoubtly a phenomenon worthy of condemnation. As a result many organizations are fighting the green eyewash. An example is the international non governmental organization. Greenpeace which react to the describ phenomenon quite quickly and effectively. Well Lebanon Mobile Number List Greenpeace years ago in publish a document entitl The Greenpeace Book of Greenwash. The document includ a long list of examples of brands that engage in eco shaming more on this below. Ade a purchase at least once using social mia and almost half of Poles ie. She said she would shop.

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In addition the EnviroMia organization which runs. The greenwashingindex website has been verifying the truthfulness of companies that usegreen marketing to advertise your products. Increasingly aware of what is and what is not ecological customers have the. Opportunity to evaluate advertisements on this website precisely considering the truthfulness of the eco codes contain in them. So as you can see green marketing is not everything to win customers. However it is also important to act in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. When they Leads Blue don t go hand in hand marketing activities can and certainly will bring the opposite effect from the intend one.

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