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International search engine ranking on mobile. Devices according to netmarketshare February Google. Baidu Bing Yahoo. DuckDuckGo YANDEX Naver. Considering only international search engines there are currently four global players Google Baidu Yahoo and bing. The chart below presents a breakdown of the search market shares in the Unit States over the past year. Source gs. Statcounter data for Google often has to pay a lot of money for its strong position in the search engine market. Such a situation for example took place in the case of Apple mobile devices.

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According to Bloomberg Google paid billion in to keep its search engine as the default search engine on Apple devices. In the fee amount to USD billion and in to USD billion. In the most popular search engine will pay Apple a record billion. For remaining the default search engine in Safari. In turn in June Google was fin. Billion For applying competition restricting practices. This time the European Commission fin the search engine for promoting its own price Luxembourg Mobile Number List comparison website call Google Shopping. Within months a company from. California was suppos to develop. A solution that would allow other comparison websites to advertise on Google Shopping.

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Situation Was Even Worse

In October the service was made available to other. Websites offering finding the best price offer. In the European Commission fin Google for further monopolistic practices this time in Android systems. The fine amount to € billion. In the company was to pay a fine of EUR. Billion for the monopoly in online advertising on European markets. Positioning of pages for the Google search engine The dominant position of Google on the search engine market means. That websites are position under google by the vast majority of SEO agencies. Webmaster Leads Blue Tips Penguin and Panda algorithms Google Algorithm filters and hand penalties keep specialists and webmasters awake at night.

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