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Take the eample of China where the value. Of the live shopping market from to increas by almost ! Will it be similar in Poland We ll see. Social audio something for those who prefer to listen The fifth trend in social mia is a component of at least three factors. The first is the fact that we are in a hurry more and more often we do not have time to read content or. Watch materials that require a break from other activities. The second factor is relat to the multitasking ie. Multitasking the ability to perform several tasks at once. We like to feel that we do a lot that s why we like to combine cooking dinner running or going to work with absorbing valuable content.

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The third factor is closely relat to the covid. Pandemic which made many of us move from schools universities or offices to computer screens. In our own apartments or houses and with the reluctance to stare at electronic devices after school university or work. It is this trendsocial audio ie. Radio plays available in social mia. After many years of Macedonia Mobile Number List fascination with tets pictures and movies the fashion for. listening is back. Sound message without combining it with other forms in will probably be more popular than ever before! Short video materials ie. Videos lasting from a few seconds to several minutes It is impossible not to mention.

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An application that in and convinc billions of. Network users and in the first of these years it was the most download application in the world. The phenomenon of TikTok lies in its simplicity the application allows you to upload and watch very short video materials. The videos are shot in a vertical format typical for smartphones. Instagram has already follow TikTok s lead and add a Reelsy feature so call rolls . The sith trend in social mia may Leads Blue therefore be. Adding and watching this type of short video materials app users as well as modernizing. The rules relat to them web application developers.

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