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Do not just choose one of the pre populat options YouTube gives you from your video. youtube keyword research You want to make one that is attention grabbing, and has your keyword in the thumbnail because YouTube reads the text on your thumbnails. Did you know that Because of that, your thumbnail can carry SEO value too. Another thing we do with our thumbnails is we actually run all of our thumbnails through Google’s Cloud Vision AI tool. youtube keyword research This is to ensure that we get all the green marks on the Safe Search component from YouTube’s parent company.

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Tips Join over marketers who get exclusive marketing tips that we only share with our subscribers. Enter Your Address SIGN UP If there’s anything adult, racist, violent, etc. that Google picks up on from your thumbnail, it’s likely to ruce your reach and ability to rank higher on YouTube. And it’s always good to double check this because in some industries, like photography for example Google might flag your thumbnail for having the word “Shoot” in it, when what you’re actually referring to is shooting photos. It’s a quick step you can take to make sure Guatemala Mobile Number List all of your hard work isn’t foil right at the end because of a misunderstanding or something that can be a quick fix.

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But if you want to know how to make a thumbnail using Canva, then be sure to read our tutorial for that next. Summary For your thumbnail, do not just choose one of the pre populat options YouTube gives you from your video. Final Takeaways So those are the steps we take with every single video we make including all of the YouTube keyword tools we use to help us optimize our videos and rank. We know trying to rank higher in the YouTube search results and conducting YouTube keyword research can seem a little intimidating at first. But, if you just Leads Blue follow these steps, and take them one at a time, you’ll be on the right track to start getting more views, subscribers, and traffic.

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