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As you can see it s currently seconds long. Step You can it the duration of the scene by dragging its end left or right video iting depending on whether you want to shorten your scene or lengthen it. And as you drag the scene’s duration, you will see exactly how many seconds your new adjust scene length is. If you want to duplicate a scene, simply hit if you’re using a PC. video iting When you want to add new blank scenes, you can click on the plus button. And to change the order of your scenes, simply drag your scene left or right to where you want it to go.

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Right out of the bat will be showing pre set templates for video compositions of this size dimension. video iting So when you use the video iting tool, you can either start with one of these or start with a blank s. When you select a template, it will apply it to the scene you have select. In this case, we just have this one Rectangle, so it’s going to apply the Honduras Mobile Number List template to that. So for this guide, we want to start with a plain video for our first scene. If you have videos of your product or service, you can go ahead and upload them in the Uploads tab. For this tutorial though, we will be using stock videos available right here in.

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Click on the Videos tab on the left side of your screen. And since our mock brand is a coffee beans brand, we’ll start with searching for a video of coffee beans and drag the video we like into the scene. Step So now, let’s say you want to add text to your video. Just click on the Text tab on the left and you can either click on the plain text options at the top or you can select one of the pre set texts that already have effects integrat into them. We’ll try this one out Leads Blue since it has something like a neon effect on it. We’ll then it the text to say Premium Coffee Beans.

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