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This is especially useful if you want some time specific sound effects for certain scenes. For this project though, we think we’ll stick with just one soundtrack. Step Moving on to the next step in our video iting tutorial, let’s add our next scenes. We want to feature each of our products in . second frames. We have four variants of our coffee beans and we want to feature them in similar templates personaliz for each variant. So let’s start with one so we can duplicate it later for our other variants. Now that we like how this looks, we’re now going to make duplicates of this frame and it them to fit each of our different variants better.

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Then we want maybe seconds of a person leisurely drinking coffee at home or maybe an espresso machine dripping coffee into a cup. Let’s add a new scene frame, then find a good video on the Videos tab that we like. We won’t ne to it the scene duration since each newly add blank scene is automatically generat to seconds in length. Step Now, for our final scene. For the last frame, we’re going to use what’s left of our split video earlier and use it Hungary Mobile Number List as a background for our logo and text under it that says “Coming soon”. After that, we can make final adjustments by hitting the Play button to preview our video.

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Again if at times the frames seem to be skipping and it looks laggy when you preview, that’s fine. Get Exclusive Marketing Tips Join over , marketers who get exclusive marketing tips that we only share with our subscribers. Enter Your Email Address SIGN UP It’s most likely your browser is rendering your video and the output video when download will be fine. As you can see, instead of dragging the ends left or right, we’re iting our product template scenes to seconds instead of. We do that by clicking on the duration indicator itself. Or, you can Leads Blue manually type in the number of seconds you want your scene to be chang to.

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