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But before we get too ahead of ourselves again, let’s move on to the next step of this YouTube keyword research guide. Summary Our general rule of thumb is we aim to make videos for topics that have a search volume of , or more. Step Scope out the existing, top ranking videos. To do this, you’ll want to open an incognito browser and make sure that you’re not sign in to Google or YouTube. You don’t want your personal algorithm bias playing a role in the search results. You’ll want to type in the keyword you want to research and take note of the top ranking videos there.

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You ll notice that it’s not always the videos with the most views that take the top spots. And that’s because YouTube SEO and how you optimize your video is a big deal. You’ll want to watch their videos for these things To see what all they talk Greece Mobile Number List about in the video. Are they including any important tips in addition to the main topic Jot down their main talking points. To see what additional, smaller yet still relat keywords they’re using in the video. To see how long the video is. You’ll then want to use what’s call the Skyscraper technique.

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We ve mention this before on our blog, but if you’re new here, the Skyscraper technique is essentially where you take existing content. And you make yours bigger and better to outperform the original content. So in the case of YouTube, that means you ne to cover everything they cover in their video, in your video, and more. Additionally, make your video longer in length. The goal here is to make your video more appealing to both users and YouTube. You can accomplish the first by making your video more valuable to your audience with extra Leads Blue tips and content in the video. And you can get on YouTube’s good side by making your video longer.

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