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You during the live stream Once you’ve set up the. Stars you can do this in Monetization and during live audio room setup users who send. Stars will be moved to the front row of the audience like this audio rooms Here are some other perks. When listeners send you Stars, a notification will appear at the bottom of your room with the name of the listener and the number of. Stars that they sent To view all Star senders for your live audio room, click Details on the notification You’ll be able to filter Star senders by Latest and Amount Get E clusive Marketing. That they sell chess boards.

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Tips Join over marketers who get e clusive marketing. Tips that we only share with our subscribers Enter Your Email Address SIGN UP b Nonprofit Fundraiser. Donations Listeners and speakers can directly donate to nonprofits or fundraisers during your live audio stream. Of the money raised goes to the nonprofit Live Audio. Rooms Best Practices List of US Mobile Phone Numbers shared some best practices for their audio rooms, and we’ve found it best to follow the best practices the platform shares Why not Here’s what they suggest before your live. Make sure your internal team has the resources.

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To manage your presence on. Follow fellow speakers and engage with their posts and their audiences Use the scheduling option to give you time to promote the. Live and grow an audience Invite at least to speakers to the event Here’s what they suggest for while your. Live is in progress Plan to spend at least minutes on your live audio. The ma is hours Moderate your audio room to ensure the conversation goes smoothly Keep the conversation focused Leads Blue Prepare discussion points ahead of time. Develop a rapport with your speakers Mute a speaker by turning them into a listener.

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