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An entrepreneur talking about fatherhood and being a first generation. Nigerian American We’re e cit to see big failure in our opinion. And speaking of , if you want to learn how to create ads for beginners, we have just the perfect tutorial for that. Monetizing Soundbites To give Soundbites a boost, has set up an Audio Creator. Fund to support audio creators, encourage use, and get feedback on the process Podcasts Podcasts you’re probably familiar with; they’re long form audio content covering all sorts of topics from news to entertainment’s big. Problem as far as social media goes is that you have.

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To leave the platform to actually engage with your favorite brands, businesses, or creators. That’s why they’re working so. Hard to make it easy to buy in app, to watch video in app, and to listen to audio in app audio rooms. They want to keep you there List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers With million people connected to Podcast pages on, and another million folks who like podcast fan pages realized they were sending tons and tons of traffic off site. That’s why they’re making it possible to listen to podcasts directly in the app even when. The app is running in the background And, they also say.

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Podcast creators will be able to engage easily with fans in the app as well. Here’s a look at what the Podcast e perience looks like audio rooms also plans to roll out captions and the ability to create and share short clips of your podcast. They promise to create more unique social e periences around Podcasts that use’s most interactive and personalized features. Live Audio Rooms In case you haven’t noticed the trend, live is the priority for content Leads Blue on almost every platform now, but particularly on. Live video and live audio are going to be important for your small business.

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