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Along with image ads Carousel ads Instagram says these ads. Will appear in the square format or vertical format on Fe and Stories. Carousel ads show as a swipe able set of ads that the user can peruse through Instagram Stories IG says we recommend you use a fullscreen vertical asset in. Stories ads, this format can support the same mia you use in other placements. Stories ads can support Fe placement photo and video dimensions, meaning you can upload a. Single photo or up to a second video that has an aspect ratio of and to IGTV With this Instagram ad format.

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Says we recommend you use a fullscreen vertical. Asset for ads, this format can support all video creative up to seconds that have an aspect ratio of. Reels Instagram says you can only use a fullscreen vertical asset for. Reels ads So those are the different placements for Instagram ads As a marketer, you probably know by now that you ne to use Ads. Manager to promote your Instagram ads owns Instagram, so that’s why you can conduct all your Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List Instagram advertising through the Ads Manager Now some of you may be saying. Why don’t you just create Instagram ads on Instagram.

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From Your Video Less Views

Using the promote button Well, there are several reasons. If you’ve read our Instagram ad mistakes post, you’ve seen us talk about why the blue promote button on. Instagram is such a no no But the short version is that it has limitations and is not as effective. That’s why we use Ads Manager instead Steps On How To Create Instagram Ads Step Open your Ads. Manager If you’ve never run ads before, or you’re not familiar with this screen. At all, here’s our Leads Blue post on ads for beginners that you can read ne t Step So you’ll want to create a campaign, and choose whichever objective best.

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