How to create a Discovery campaign  

Creating a Discovery campaign is pretty simple. The first step to take is, of course, logging into your Google Ads account. Here you will be able to click on “create new campaign” and select the activity objective i.e. sales, leads, or website traffic (or even no objective if you prefer) and select the Discovery format.

At this point you will have to select the geographical target, the language, the audience segments and the daily budget, also choosing between the two strategies offered for Discovery ads or “maximize conversions” or “target CPA”.

Once you have selected the ad

group and the target for the campaign, all that remains is to create the actual ad by choosing between the two available formats: discovery or carousel discovery . The first is a static Algeria Phone Number List image while the second is the now classic carousel format that the user can scroll through, exactly as happens with Facebook’s carousels.

As for the texts, you will need to enter 1-5 titles of up to 40 characters and 1-5 descriptions of up to 90 characters in addition to your brand name and logo .

Some tips to optimize your Discovery campaigns

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  • Select your audiences carefully : Google suggests using custom intent, and in-market audiences to kickstart your Discovery campaigns. By targeting these segments, you will reach people potentially interested in your products and services, increasing the conversion rate. In fact, as Leads Blue reported by Google, using remarketing audiences, customer match and personalized segments allows you to record an 81% increase in conversion rates.  
  • Be patient : Relying on Google Ads machine learning, Display campaigns require extra care. For example, wait 2 to 3 weeks after making any changes to your campaign before making any more! In fact, modifying a campaign generates fluctuations in performance due to the need for the algorithm to collect the data necessary to optimize its performance.

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