Choose an appropriate budget

  •  According to Google’s suggestions, the ideal budget is at least 10 times your desired cost-per-acquisition (CPA). This is necessary for machine learning to have enough data to improve its performance.  
  • Pay attention to graphics and copy : being a visual campaign, creativity and attention to images are essential for Discovery ads. After launching the campaign, you can analyze and monitor the results to make the right changes to the creative elements and optimize performance.


As we have seen so far, Google Ads Discovery campaigns offer important advantages. Not surprisingly, these advertisements integrate perfectly with other marketing Albania Phone Number List strategies and offer lower costs per click than, for example, the search network . This, of course, thanks to audience segmentation and the use of machine learning that ensure high performance.

Want to learn more or understand

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if Discovery campaigns could integrate into your marketing strategy and help you achieve your business goals? for targeted advice and to find out which marketing activities could build your effective and customized strategy.

online visibility has become an increasingly difficult challenge for eCommerce . With an ever-growing market and fierce competition, it is crucial to adopt effective strategies Leads Blue to ensure the success of your business. Among these, SEO for eCommerce proves to be an essential strategy .
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