Despite its undeniable benefits, most eCommerce site

s are surprisingly poorly optimized for search engines. Many online store owners and large agencies tend to focus exclusively on online  that involve paid advertising activities, such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads. While these tools deliver impressive results, they require a constant flow of investment to maintain their effectiveness. SEO, in contrast, requires more initial effort, but offers stable results that do not depend on continued financial investment, thus offering a greater return on investment in the long term .
If used in the right way, the  eCommerce can prove successful in obtaining free, recurring traffic with high conversion rates . Here are some tips for perfect SEO optimization of your online store.

What is it and why invest in SEO for eCommerce

Organic searches alone account for 43% of eCommerce traffic . It is therefore not surprising that a truly effective marketing strategy for this particular form of website makes SEO a cornerstone.

SEO , an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, represents a fundamental strategy for any online activity which , through the optimization of its website, aims to position itself well on search engines to appear among the first available results when users carry out specific searches Afghanistan Phone Number List using certain keywords or keywords. The SERP (literally “search engine results page”), on the other hand, organizes the results according to the relevance of the web pages with respect to the user’s search intent, or the objective of his search. When was the last time you clicked on a result that appeared on the second or even third page?  
The question is obvious, the higher the position in the SERP, the easier it will be to get clicks.  

SEO techniques for eCommerce therefore

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have a simple objective: to show the products part of the offer to highly interested people and, therefore, more inclined to purchase .  

As we have anticipated, SEO takes time but represents a long-term investment capable of guaranteeing certain results and an increase in business . In fact, a well-optimized Leads Blue eCommerce records very interesting data starting from the increase in traffic and the increase in sales through increased visibility and a better .  

Do you still believe that SEM is the only truly effective solution? Read on “in comparison “.

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