Analysis, optimization, promotion SEO strategy

SEO strategy for eCommerce is developed in three fundamental phases : analysis, optimization and promotion.

The first phase involves analyzing the competition , evaluating user search intentions, keywords and the overall health of the eCommerce . We will soon see that various aspects contribute to the good positioning of an eCommerse on search engines: from the presence of well-written and original contents to the architecture of the information passing through the speed of the site itself. An SEO Audit will help you get an accurate overview of the health of the website to evaluate and define areas for improvement

 .As for the analysis of the competition

 it is clear that in order to be able to define Turkey Phone Number List a truly effective strategy capable of bringing out a particular eCommerce compared to other similar realities, knowing exactly what your competitors are doing and which keywords they control can be an excellent starting point. For example, how do they structure their pages and how much information do they add in the product sheets?

The optimization phase

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on the other hand, concerns the correction of all the critical issues that emerged during the previous analysis . It may be necessary to work on the structure of the site and identify new, more functional navigation paths, define a better distribution Leads Blue of links and correct errors relating to the contents.

The third phase of an SEO strategy for eCommerce is certainly the promotion phase . In fact, elements such as backlinks, i.e. links obtained from other websites, mentions and the increase in social signals influence SEO.  

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