How Google Discovery works  

As we have anticipated, Google Ads Discovery campaigns are not based on keywords but on audiences .  focusing on the wishes of the consumer who is in a discovery phase. In fact, this type of campaign allows ads to be conveyed to spaces such as the Home page and the YouTube feed. The Google Discover feed and the promotional tabs in Gmail .

The distribution of ads in the various spaces takes place dynamically thanks to the Google algorithm itself which evaluates . The most effective positions to achieve the campaign objectives by learning and optimizing their effectiveness according to performance. The goal, on the other hand, is shared: to intercept the right user, at the right time. In other words, it is Google that outlines the best ad depending on the user. Taking into account his previous browsing behavior.

Discovery campaigns enhance

the uniqueness of informational ads by effectively and engagingly targeting individual consumers . As if the ad had been created especially for them. This type of campaign returns ads optimized for specific audience segments, offering targeted reach and effective goal achievement

Choosing between a Discovery campaign and another naturally depends on the business objective you intend to achieve . In fact, no campaign is more Argentina Phone Number List or less effective than others in an absolute sense. If the primary objective is to provide information.  The ads in the Display campaign can prove to be particularly effective considering the vast pool of users who will be able to reach thanks to this multi-channel campaign.

When to choose Discovery Google ADS

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  • Increased conversions at scale : From newsletter signups to sales . Discovery campaigns can be very effective thanks to Google’s ability to showcase the most relevant creatives to large audiences and drive them to convert.
  • Interception of new target customers : through Leads Blue optimized targeting, the Google algorithm knows how to intercept target users who are probably interested in the brand and its products and services.
  • Better: Discovery campaigns help to stay in the top-of-mind .

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