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Errors in the configuration of permissions. To browse files and directories permissions to files and folders are given in the form of specific numerical values. The default value for file and folder access configuration is , otherwise rwxr xr x. Entering other values ​​for given resources may result in error. · Script loading timeout some scripts embd in external. Files affect the elongation of loading the website and, consequently, triggering a general server error. It happens that too many requests causing server overload may not be read correctly by the server and display a error. Errors relat to the operation of the CMS to exclude errors relat to the system. All add plugins and themes should be taken into account.

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In the case of popular content management systems, such as. WordPress, install extensions and themes can be crucial. In addition, their updates, as well as older versions of the system, may affect the occurrence of error Other. Errors Error is a very general. Status code, so it’s worth looking at the problem a bit more broadly and Kuwait Mobile Number List considering the occurrence of other errors. Internal Server Error how to fix server error If error is display only in isolat cases, the problem can be solv by · reloading the page, clearing the cache search engine cache· deletion of cookies from the browser. When the error is display to every user, the solution should be sought among the above mention reasons.

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Check all install plugins and themes disable those that do not work with the server. Newly add extensions or recent updates may result in a server error. Check the latest software update a newer version of the system may cause a problem with the operation of the website. Rolling back recent updates will help resolve the issue. Take a look at the recent changes made to the. Htaccess file any change made can affect the appearance Leads Blue of the error, eg. The introduction of URL rirects. Check file and folder permissions check that all resources have the default value of. Check script loading time.

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