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Customer relations In this area, we define what our relations with clients are to look like and how we want to convey the value proposition specifi in the second point. Some communication can be direct, personal, and some can be automat. Regardless, we should be clear about what kind of relationships we want to enter into and how to lead them. Guiding questions What relationship do our clients expect from us How does our target group communicate Does he expect personal support or automat service Is the way of establishing relationships with customers relat to other areas of the business model Sources of income The goal of most companies is to make money.

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A well design value proposition as well as specific target groups and channels should generate revenue for the brand. At this point, we should indicate how our products or services will make money. Remember that the pricing mechanisms us do not have to be the same for each customer segment. Guiding questions What will customers Kenya Mobile Number List be willing to pay for How much will they be able to pay for it Which elements of the product service will be free and which will be paid What promotions and for whom do we want to apply Resources ne For anything to function, it nes the right resources.

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Business too. At this point, we specify what we will ne specifically to fulfill our promise to customers. These are all tangible things e.g. machines, production materials and intangible ones e.g. appropriate office decor. Guiding questions What key resources do we ne to deliver on the promise What resources do other BMC points require Main activities We already have defin resources. But what should we do with them What activities are crucial Leads Blue for us to create and then offer customers a solution to their problem The type of activities is closely relat to the nature of our business and the industry in which we operate.

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