10 applications for your digital content

Tools for digital content: research 1) surveymonkey our own investigations are a mine of digital content, since they allow us to prepare articles and infographics and obtain external links through other sites that are interested in the data. To simplify the process of obtaining information, I recommend that you use a tool like surveymonkey to create a survey and launch it to your users. Thanks to its multiple customization options, it is a great solution for all kinds of content creators. 2) search by sites more than a tool, this is a google search engine trick that many don’t know: search for a keyword on a specific website.

Tools for digital content: research

Just include “Site:”, the name of the site you want to British Student Phone Number List search on, and the keywords. For example: “Site: cyberclick.Es seo”. Now you can more easily locate that article that resists you! 3) google keyword tool google’s keyword tool (google keyword planner) is essential among seo experts , but it can also be very useful to find out what topics are of most interest to your audience. Just enter a keyword and you’ll get a bunch of related terms along with their level of interest (monthly searches). Of course, remember that you can only see all the information if you have an active google ads campaign.

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Search by sites

Hubspot blog topic generator another very interesting tool for Leads Blue when inspiration fails us. How it works couldn’t be simpler: type in a few keywords related to your blog and it will return a week’s worth of titles and ideas for your articles. I’m sure there’s a lot you’d never have thought of! Blog ideas generator hubspot 6) templates for hubspot articles once again, hubspot comes to the rescue to help you create more effective articles. In this case, you have at your disposal a series of templates for different types of articles, such as a tutorial or a post based on lists. The templates give you the structure and you only have to worry about filling in the content.

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