The advantages  

In a nutshell, these are activities aim at users who have already invest some time in web research for a way, a product or a service to solve a problem, i.e. starting a purchasing process. It is therefore evident that when these users leave their references to the company, it is because they are seriously considering the possibility of turning to the latter to find a solution and proceed with the purchase.


Inbound marketing and lead generation


Indeed, given the increasing difficulty for companies to get noticed in extremely competitive contexts. I nbound marketing has introduced a different logic and a different approach: it is not the company that looks for new potential customers, it is the latter who find the company .

In short, the Inbound method puts the customer at the center and offers companies the opportunity to concentrate on the creation of valuable content (we are talking about blogs, videos, e-books, infographics and any other kind of publication) capable Bahrain Phone Number List of attracting users. Inbound Marketing and lead generation are two closely related concepts as they adopt the same approach aiming at the same goal.

How to do lead generation: the generation and acquisition of leads

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When it comes to defining a strategy for generating and acquiring leads, it is important to carefully consider the normal iteration of the purchasing process the funnel Leads Blue along which the lead will necessarily have to pass in order to transform itself first into a prospect and then into a customer. In fact it is essential that during all the steps envisaged by the funnel, the company offers content capable of intriguing, answering doubts and curiosities. clearly explaining the advantages of the product or service and maintaining the relationship with the potential customer overall. .

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