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That takes up a lot of your time. That’s why we’re a big fan of the Automat Creative Optimization tool from. This is like using dynamic ads on Facebook or on Google. You’ll upload a bunch of different versions of creative and copy, and then let choose the best combination for your ad. Some of the advantages of using Automat Creative are Automatic A B testing Saves time and effort Extends the life of your ads Gets more quality traffic for you. Good ads reach the right people with the right message and creative at the right time.

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Heres how you’ll set up Automat Creative in the Ads Manager Go to ads. and select your account. Click on the Campaign page. Click on Create to start creating your campaign. Choose your objective, name your campaign, and we suggest toggling on Campaign Budget Optimization and Create Split Test. Set a daily budget to at least. Then click Next. Enter your ad group name, choose pixel, select placements, then click Next. Toggle the switch on for Automat Germany Mobile Number List Creative Optimization under the Creative Type section in your ad group settings. Choose your audience and targeting, and then set your budget.

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On your ad settings page, you can start to upload your videos or images. The more images or videos you upload, the more combinations it will create. You ne to upload at least . Your Ad Name will have a dynamic tag that will update depending on what creative is us. Only you can see the ad name. If you’re just not having a good naming day, you can choose the Generat Box to let them name it for you. Fill in your ad details. Upload creatives. Enter your Leads Blue Display Name and Ad Text. This text is visible to the audience. You’re allow between and characters.

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