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It doesn’t require extra work, so we love that. If you want to stitch a video you’re watching, tap on Share again, not all users allow stitches – you can turn this off in settings . Then select Stitch from the options. Choose the -second clip you’d like to use Record your video it Post Ideas for Duet & Stitch Use For how-to’s or tutorials, ask folks to stitch or duet your video and share their results. Teach a hack, quick tip, or trick for your niche, and ask for folks to stitch your video and share their favorite tip. You can then stitch a bunch of these together in a future video.

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Get folks to react to your content. Show a big reveal or unveiling. Ask questions put a finger down if Facebook has ever hurt your mental health or play sounds like songs from the ’ s . Have folks duet them trying your tip or trick. Keep a list of fun ideas you see so you can start brainstorming how to adopt a similar format or idea for your nes. c. Direct France Mobile Number List Message Send a DM to the creator and ask to post their video on your page, tagging them, and giving them crit. If you notice a video or two from your customers getting a lot of action, we recommend going above and beyond when you thank them.

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Stitch and Duet their content, tag them, and give them all proper thanks, of course. We like to encourage our clients to do a little extra – like sending a discount code, offering some product, or payment for thanks. We’ve actually us this method ourselves on FB and IG, but the strategy is the same anywhere to great success. Here’s what we did One of our clients was reinvigorating their organic social mia, and had very little customer or user engagement. They had an older audience, which made it even more difficult. But we monitor socials, and every time someone tagg us in a photo showing their finish product this was a craft company that sold Leads Blue supplies we react and comment publicly with praise and thanks.

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