How do you set up a direct marketing campaign

At the basis of direct marketing is the collection of data

on customers and their organization in a database , i.e. in an archive of names including static data (personal data) and dynamic data

(all additional information such as, for example, previous purchases).

The cleaner and more up-to-date the database is, the easier it will be to identify cross-selling

and up-selling opportunities considering that knowledge of the customer is to all intents

and purposes the key to the success of direct marketing strategies.
In short, rule n.1: take better care of your customer database.

Once the information has been interpreted, it is a question of identifying the connections and identifying the commonalities within the customer database . This will be essential in order to continue with the direct marketing activity and create highly personalized campaigns aimed at specific audience segments.

Whether it is to encourage purchase, participation in an event

or request for additional information, knowledge of the public is the basis of any effective communication: age, commercial preferences,

gender and frequency of purchase will help to better define the message and the channel to use.

 look at the data and create segments with common characteristics

Now that the target has been identified, all that remains is to understand how best to reach it. In fact, being present on all available channels is never a wise choice Ecuador Phone Number List  on the contrary. The best thing to do is to identify the target’s favorite channel : where does it spend most of its time? Answering this question will allow you to reach the recipients in the most suitable way, time and channel.
So, rule #3: discover touchpoints and use the most suitable channel.

At this point, attention passes to the message to be communicated. It is obvious: the objective of the direct marketing campaign.

Personalize messages and write persuasive copy

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must be clear and well defined from the outset but the Leads Blue way in which it is communicated can be varied. Starting from the analysis of the buyer personas it will be possible to write a message in line with the needs and desires of the targand that the message is enriched (and not obscured) by graphics and images capable of encouraging action.



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