Direct marketing channels and tools

As we have seen so far, direct marketing has the ability to reach specific targets

with personalized messages by establishing a direct dialogue with them.
Although there are still many direct marketing activities that take place offline, it is clear that the technology and digital channels available today have made it possible to increase the.

advantages of this form of marketing, making it much easier to get to know the public better target and its habits.

In addition to the more traditional channels, the digital channels that are particularly effective today are:

  • SMS marketing

  •  : communications in SMS format are still perceived today as intimate and confidential
  • and are therefore an excellent direct marketing tool. Through management software it is possible to send text messages to a large number of users to best communicate promotions, discounts, events, new launches and so on;
  • WhatsApp Business : the messaging app that had 33.1 million daily users in the first half of 2022 (here the by Vincos) is an excellent channel for companies
  • that are interesting in establishing a direct relationship with customers. The Business version we wrote also allows you to send automatic response messages, create catalogs and promote your business; 
  •  through Direct email marketing (or DEM) it is possible to establish direct contact with the public thanks to personalized communications capable of retaining Dominican Republic Phone Number List and acquiring new customers. One of the most effective web marketing tools to date,
  • email marketing allows you to accurately monitor the results of campaigns through KPIs such as the opening rate, click-through rate and bounce rate. In addition to the DEM,
  • generally of a promotional nature, it is also useful to consider the which are informative in nature.
  • Landing page

  • phone number list
  • web pages that allow users to be presented with content related to a specific marketing campaign or product/service. They include forms to be filled Leads Blue in in order to access downloadable or additional resources. Want to find out how to create an effective landing page? Read.   

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