Where do I go Marketing analysis of the film by Checco Zalone

Market analysis: no competitors and favorable moment
The film Quo Vado comes out at a particular moment: in the meantime, during the Christmas period it is almost customary to go to the cinema , and there was also the flop of the cinepanettoni and star wars , however beautiful it may be, it falls somewhat within the niche genres . in short, analyzing the reference context it turns out that it is a favorable moment and without competitors. In the following graph you can see the high seasonality of the word cinema.

where I go

Analysis of the offer method: much and everywhere

Quo Vado has been  in almost half of the Italian cinemas , this has 2 things: the first is which film are we going to see? if out of 10 cinemas 8 are for we Latest Mailing Database arechecco zalone, our brain is led to think that the film is worth it , as when wuct that costs more. the second thing is  to the theory of the group, so if everyone goes to see where I’m going, I have to go too , if everyone says it’s worth it, it will be worth it. Furthermore, social networks have an effect of this virality.

where I go

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Content analysis: current and for the mass, indirectly aiming high

in the film quo Vago the topics covered are the permanent job, the VAT number, state welfare and this is all cto Renzi’s reform (which has been talked about for months) on permanent employment, school reform, etc. in short, current topics common to all, but also delicate, and with that pinch of irony he  to address very sensitive topics that many would not have the courage to address.

where I go


Analysis of the expressive form: attention span and  comedy
The way it tells the story is also important, the language is simple , comr brain likes things easy . However, this is a new  that is far from that of the Berlusconi era: no sexuality  to the max, vulgarity, profanity, etc., checco zalone’s comedy is polite and Leads Blue new. Furthermore, during the film the attention span of the scenes is about 5 minutes,  by music to rest the brain. In our age, the attention span of an adult has dropped from 12 minutes to 5 and checco zalone has used this data to keep people to the screen.


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