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Business Ok, let s get to the point we. Have receiv offers from several SEO agencies. Typically, such documents are full of jargon and marketing inserts. In this flood of information, it is worth paying attention to the following Flexible billing models. It is very good if the positioning company offers various models of cooperation, and not just a fix price list for phrases. Initial site analysis. If our website has been position in the past, it is always necessary to check whether these. SEO activities can affect the current positioning. At this point, it should be not that listing a few basic parameters, such as Page Rank or ranking in publicly available simple tools such as.

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Alexa is not a website audit. Such simple analyses are done literally in seconds. They look nice, but they say absolutely nothing about the site. Suggest keywords do they correspond to our business, are they chosen wisely, does the company present arguments why these and not other expressions, etc. It is also worth paying attention to price discrepancies for individual expressions. Another r light should light up if the pricing table is very flatten when Indian Phone Number List potentially. Very difficult phrases cost little more than simple to position phrases. As you can easily guess such a. Procure is to ruce the overall, summary valuation for positioning, and in fact the goal of an. SEO company is to focus only on these easy phrases and issue invoices for them.

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Invoices, the amount of which will be inadequate to. The benefits that will bring these easy phrases in high positions, while more difficult phrases remain untouch. Terms of cooperation We all know it, but we don t always do it, that is, we read what we sign. That is why I will mention that you should absolutely read the entire contract, from cover to cover. In the case of incomprehensible entries, please provide extensive explanations. A reliable company will not hesitate to introduce more human , precise provisions into the contract. From standard Leads Blue things, our attention should be drawn to Duration of the agreement. Only in justifi cases should it be longer than months.

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