Instant Marketing Seizing The Moment

Instant Marketing is increasingly spreading among web marketers, above all thanks to the enormous diffusion of social media , which convey the advertising messages of various companies with a speed not even comparable to traditional media (TV, radio, newspapers).

what is instant marketing?

Instant Marketing is one of the digital marketing activities and is based on the ancient proverb “Carpe diem” , or seize the day!

In practice, the occurrence of an event (for example a sporting evening to a famous person, but also to a scientific discovery) is associated with an advertising campaign which resumes the event in a joking, light-hearted, sarcastic or irreverent tone and which it relates it to a product of the company itself.


Instant Marketing Success Examples

  The most successful example, which then brofrom  Whatsapp Mobile Number List accught this practice of advertising to the fore , is that of Oreo which took place at the 2013 Super Bowl

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Basically, Oreo jumped at the opportunity generated by the blackout that occurred during the Super Bowl, which is perhaps the main sporting event of the year in the United States, to advertise itself on Twitter. And  you can see from the retweets she didn’t go sour!

2  Another famous example concerns the bite that the Uruguay forward Luis Suarez gave to our blue defender Giorgio Chiellini during the 2014 World Cup. Whoever took the ball (staying on the subject) was the manufacturer of the snack Snickers , which with a tweet refers directly to Suarez. The text reads: “….next time you’re hungry bite into a Snickers”.



In summary, thanks to the previous examples, we can highlight the characteristics for a viral and successful Instant Marketing post:


Anyone who does Instant Marketing must h and Leads Blue newave creativity as a first requirement.


And otherwise what “carpe diem” would it be? It is useless to post and tweet after not only days,

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