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In of Poles declar that they plan to. Make purchases more often using social mia. In of Poles declar that they like to shop during live broadcasts in social mia. See the article The most popular social mia in how much time people spend on social mia Source https statista chart global average daily time spent on social mia per internet user. Social commerce is it worth it Usually in our blog articles we first describe a given solution then we. Point out its advantages and disadvantages and finally we try to objectively answer the question of whether it is worth using this solution.

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This time we answer right away. Yes social commerce is something that is worth implementing in the case of most small mium and large enterprises operating on the. Web and if not implement permanently then at least test this solution. This applies in particular to the following industries cosmetics first place on the popularity podium among social Malta Mobile Number List commerce sales fashion ie. Offering clothing and accessories second place on the podium and jewelery third. Place on the podium but also interior design consumer electronics or broadly understood consumer. Selection eamples of other but of course not the only industries where social commerce will probably work.

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It should also be not here that the breakthrough. Of the already thriving online trade took place at the beginning of the outbreak of the covid pandemic. The pandemic has made consumers aware that online shopping is simple fast convenient and less importantly safe. Most likely will bring further development of e commerce including social commerce the subject of this article. Growth ecommerce Source study Is e commerce good for Europe by Oliver Wyman and the University of St. Gallen on behalf of Amazon. What is social commerce. The simplest Leads Blue definition of social commerce is as follows social commerce is the activity of selling and buying on social networking sites and apps.

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