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Who is buying on social mia It is also. Worth considering who it is especially worth creating such a sales channel as social commerce for. Statistics suggest that these are primarily three generations of people generation generation Y and generation Z. And yes research shows that Generation prefers to shop on Facebook while Generations Y and Z prefer Instagram and Snapchat. In addition people from the Y generation declare as much as that they will be. Loyal customers of a given brand when it engages in broadly understood activities in social mia including eg. In social commerce.

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In turn Generation according to research. Makes two to three times more purchases via social mia than the average customer. This allows us to draw a simple conclusion young people ie. Before years of age are definitely more likely to shop on social mia than older people. So if the target group of a given brand is primarily young people the brand should. Get acquaint with sales solutions in social mia as soon as possible. social mia Source https adweek Morocco Mobile Number List performance marketing miaki time spent social mia infographic. How to use social commerce effectively Since selling in social mia brings so many. Benefits it is worth considering how it should look like to be as effective as possible.

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Below are some tips for e commerce business. Owners who are interest in trading on social mia. Being on social mia Social commerce without regular. Scial mia profiles of a given brand may turn out to be completely ineffective. You can t count on customers trusting a brand they know nothing about. The more thoughtful activities carri out on social networking sites before the sale the better. Creating high quality content What can convince customers to. Make purchases in social mia can be high quality content post on these portals ie. Well Leads Blue thought out original interesting and regularly post content. Process automation As in the case of online stores so also in the case of social commerce.

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