How to convince undecided customers with a remarketing campaign

Remarketing and retargeting are online marketing strategies that address. leads who have shown some interest in the brand and aim to recover a relationship with them that. For whatever reason, was interrupt without ending in a conversion. In short, we are talking about techniques that aim to win. back users who are already familiar with the brand. Who have visited the website or have abandoned the cart before checking out without having therefore completed a transaction.

By addressing this particular audience, the goal of remarketing is precisely. to push users to return to the site and complete the desired action, from purchasing the product to registering for the webinar.
Naturally, remarketing and retargeting are particularly effective digital marketing strategies in optimizing conversions. because they are aimed at users who have already demonstrated a certain degree of attraction towards the products and services offered by the brand.


What is remarketing

How many times have you visited an e-commerce. Added products to your shopping cart and then abandoned the site after a second thought. And how many times have you browsed  Armenia Phone Number List the website of a brand you love before deciding to fill out the form to request a quote?

Generally, only a small fraction of web traffic ends up converting on the first visit . Indeed, to date the options available to users and the price. variations between products and services are such as to make purchases increasingly rational.


It is precisely in this context that

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remarketing campaigns find space. A form of online advertising that allows you to present to all those users. Who have already interacted with the brand (by viewing the site. the company app or the product page, just to examples) of targeted and personalized advertisements .

On the other hand, to date the technological evolutions Leads Blue of automated platforms. make it possible to convey highly. diversified messages according to the previous action performed by the user . Thanks to automatic remarketing it is in fact possible to show the most appropriate message to the right audience. at the most suitable moment .

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