The difference between remarketing and retargeting


Both activities aim to increase return visits to the website by reconducting leads , i.e. all those users who in one way or another have already shown a certain degree of interest in the brand, to encourage them to conclude the ‘purchase. However, while remarketing exploits a more intimate and direct contact with the lead, retargeting fits into the very first stages of the Customer Journey, when the consumer has indeed shown a certain interest but has not yet taken a concrete action towards the brand.

In particular, remarketing is based on campaigns 

Especially DEMs and  , with the aim of directly involving the user by strengthening the relationship that he has already established with the brand. This type of marketing Austria Phone Number List campaign uses promotional and personalized communications (perhaps enriched with discounts and special offers) to reawaken the lead’s interest in the product or service they already know. Naturally, in order to start an email remarketing campaign, you must have already collected the email addresses of the leads.

Retargeting , on the other hand

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makes use of online sponsorships on various platforms, from social networks to, to intercept those users who have already interacted with the brand and present them with specific ads while browsing external sites. Unlike remarketing, therefore, retargeting involves a wider user base.    

The reason why these terms are often used interchangeably is Leads Blue understandable: these two techniques are in fact completely synergistic and both an integral part of anystrategy that aims to increase conversions. In fact, the more touchpoints there are between brands and audiences, the more opportunities there will be to convince users to take action.

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