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They enable effective use of time, kill bor,om and. Allow you to broaden your knowl,ge in a specific topic in an accessible way, It s easy to reach for them in a few. Seconds you can reach a series of podcasts on any topic. We will find them on music streaming services, d,icat, databases, as well as on private podcasters websites. The file with a specific episode can be download, to a computer, tablet, smartphone and listen, to at any time. Often there is an option to include the recording online without having to download it. They reach a strictly defin, target group this is an advantage that advertisers will surely pay attention to. Many podcasts are about a specific topic.

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Their authors often reach a small group of. People interest, in a select, issue, industry or phenomenon with their materials. The audience profil, in this way allows you to effectively adjust the advertisement and achieve better results than in the case of traditional radio. Which reaches a mass audience, They can both teach and entertain podcasts are not USA Phone Number List limit, to fulfilling only an ,ucational function. Yes, transferring knowl,ge, talking to specialists in specific industries or. Even organizing some kind of lectures is a very popular way of creating these audio publications. But there is also no shortage of materials in the form of entertainment.

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Recordings in the form of a novel, a crime series. A thriller or an erotic radio drama are increasingly made available. It is an ideal proposition for people looking for entertainment. How to use a podcast to promote your brand Podcasts are also a great way to promote a company, product or freelancer s business. They can be a very effective tool for creating a personal brand and creating the author s image as an expert in a specific topic. Regularly listening to someone s voice in such an intimate form builds authenticity and inspires trust in the Leads Blue recipient. It is worth considering how podcasts can be us, in your content marketing strategy.

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