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So it s worth starting to switch to the new version of the tool now. Summary In , Google challeng. web analytics. The leading data analysis tool has undergone a complete metamorphosis. The introduction of a new ranking factor relat. to the usability of websites has also been officially confirm. Both announc. changes are likely to affect the way data is analyz. in. In addition, they will shift the focus of analytics to aspects of websites that were often underestimat. The user, whose ne.s and preferences will influence the position of websites, will play a huge role here. In PPC campaigns, you can notice a trend relat. to the use of competitors trademarks by some companies.

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These situations usually concern two cases using the name of the competitor in the Google Ads ad and using other brands as keywords for which the ad is to be display. Both approaches are controversial. There are already the first judgments of the courts, which clearly determine whether advertising on the name of the competition is legal. Advertising List of Mobile Phone Numbers on the competitor s brand in practice Issues relat. to the use of competing names in an SEM campaign are of interest to many advertisers. Some are considering such actions themselves, others want to know if their own trademarks can be us. by competing brands. An example of this is when a multi venue takeaway site uses its customers names in a Google Ads ad.

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If any of these restaurants do not use PPC campaigns, their website will be display. only in organic results, i.e. lower than the booking service promot. on Google. It is not difficult to guess that in this situation fewer people will visit the restaurant s website, through which you can order a meal directly. Instead, customers will book through a more visible, third party site to which the same company will have to pay a commission. What does the law say about advertising on a competitor s brand The fact that disputes over advertisements with the name Leads Blue of a competing brand are not trivial and are not uncommon is prov.

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