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First of all a marketing brief saves a lot of time both for you and the employees of the company with which you will establish cooperation. Most of the questions will be answer at the initial stage, which will prevent them from appearing at further stages of cooperation. What does a marketing brief consist of Now that you have learn what a brief is and what it is for, it is worth moving on to the merits, i.e. the elements it should consist of. Each company usually has its own sample document to fill out. You can also find many patterns by browsing the web.

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Remember that a good marketing brief. Should contain several universal elements, thanks to which communication between the agency and the client will run smoothly and smoothly. Here they are. Brand information. This is a basic issue that should certainly be describ in the brief. It is important to include detail information about the specifics of the industry, as well as competing companies operating in the same market. It is also worth considering Guatemala Mobile Number List the strengths and weaknesses of your business and providing data on the resources held by the client’s company. In the latter aspect, the following should be mention number of employees , the markets in which the company operates, type of services provid. The company’s offer.

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the products and services offer by the company. To describe this issue well, you should answer a few basic questions in your marketing brief. So think about what products or services you offer and what their strengths and weaknesses are. What do your customers think about it and do they have reasons to complain. Or maybe on the contrary they praise your offer and you should focus on it. In this context, it is also worth. Analyzing your sales and Leads Blue distribution channels , as well as the promotional elements us. See. A well design purchasing process what marketing activities.

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