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Other possibilities are springing up like mushrooms after rain, let’s take Spotify or TikTok for example. B B service providers promote themselves on LinkIn, sellers on Allegro. In this post, however, we will take a closer look at advertising in the Microsoft system What are Microsoft Ads Microsoft Ads formerly Bing Ads are ads display to users using the Microsoft ge browser, in which Bing is the built in search engine. For this reason, they will have smaller reach than paid activities on Google. If you’re wondering if Microsoft’s campaigns are the right ones to promote your business, it might be helpful to know what kind of people use Bing search engine.

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A large part of this group are middle ag and elderly people from smaller towns. It happens that office workers use ge because it is the only browser install on their work computers. Bing is also more popular in Western countries. The panel is display in English by default, at the moment there is no Polish version. Similarly with the support, which is Ecuador Mobile Number List locat in the Unit States. Microsoft Ads is confusingly similar to Google’s service. What’s more, campaigns can be download from the latter system. Be careful though quick import includes all settings, including budgets and bid strategy.

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They cannot be it later, and they update in real time when a change is made from Google Ads. Three types of ads Microsoft Ads offers three types of ads Search, Audience equivalent to Google’s advertising network and Shopping. Although product campaigns are display to Polish users, at the moment they can only be creat by a Microsoft partner if you work with an advertising agency, it is worth asking about such a possibility. Similarly to the Google Leads Blue system, it will be necessary to create a store in Merchant Center and add a product fe. Unfortunately, many elements of Microsoft Ads still ne to be refin. 

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