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Actually show us whether the solutions we use are accurate and will bring us profits in the future. Design and UX of an online store numoco , years ago minutes of reading Design and UX of an online store what are they In today’s demanding market, it is not only the quality and price of the products or services that count. Visual issues are becoming more and more important, including the appearance of the online store through which the sale takes place. The design and UX of an online store often influence the decision to stay on the website, and thus often to purchase a given product or use a service.

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What exactly are the design and UX of an online store Website design is everything that a customer sees when he is on a given website. Design, commonly understood as the appearance of a website, should be its added value. It is similar with UX user experience. UX is the overall experience that the user experiences while navigating the website. So Albania Phone Numbers List what factors influence the positive perception of a user visiting an online store Factors affecting the design and UX of an online store: Ease of navigating the site An important factor affecting the attractiveness of an online store is the ease of navigating it. What is important here are fully understandable.

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Concise messages, visible redirections, the shortest possible shopping path, a clear division of categories and the presence of a product search engine. All this means that the visitor to the website can find what he is looking for in a simple and quick way, and then willingly makes purchases and returns to the store. Possibly a short shopping path Positive UX can also be obtained through the shortest possible purchasing path. The fewer clicks a customer needs to make a purchase, the better. It is worth following the rule of three clicks. This principle Leads Blue says that the customer should be able to get to any section of the page with a maximum of three clicks.

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