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A good solution is to offer several delivery options depending on whether the buyer is more interested in a quick delivery time or a low delivery price. Information about the cost of shipping should be as clear as the cost of the product. Good communication with customers Another issue that positively affects the popularity of an online store is good communication with customers. It consists primarily of responding quickly to their messages. It’s a good idea to create more than one source of contact with your customers. These can be, for example: providing the company’s telephone number, enabling sending messages via an online store, enabling sending.

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Messages via a Facebook fanpage and others. Monitoring and responding to customer feedback Enabling clients to contact the company in a broad sense involves monitoring buyers’ opinions and responding to them. It is advisable to react to all messages and comments both positive and Negative. In the case of positive feedback, it is good to thank you for Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List your comment and encourage you to use the company’s services in the future. On the other hand, in a situation where the opinion is negative, you should take a fair attitude to it try to explain the reason for the customer’s dissatisfaction, propose possible solutions, ensure that a similar situation.

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Will not happen with subsequent purchases. Cases system of complaints and returns Negative customer opinions can be minimized through an efficient system of complaints and returns. Information about the possibility of making a complaint or returning a product should be placed in a visible place. This will allow you to gain the trust of customers who, if they receive a product that does not meet their expectations, will be able to easily and quickly complain or return it. It is also important to indicate the conditions for complaints and returns Leads Blue shipping costs, waiting time, etc. Store positioning Using the positioning service can also help.

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