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Dynamic in terms of development in. Central and Eastern Europe. This is because there are over twenty thousand companies in Poland. As many as of them are private companies that employ up to fifty employees. Online clothing market – advantages and disadvantages. For entrepreneurs and customers The above statistics prove that the sale of clothes on the Internet is extremely profitable and will most likely become more and more popular. It pays not only to sell, but also to buy clothes online – this is confirmed by both global and Polish statistics. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of online clothing sales for retailers and for customers.

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Advantages Entrepreneurs selling online. They do not have to rent premises, pay high rents; the number of employees they employ is much smaller than in the case of traditional companies; run a growing business – it is estimated that the sale of clothes will move online. Defects Entrepreneurs selling online: initially they have to invest more in advertising – a traditional store is an advertisement in itself, because it has a signboard, and the exhibition Italy Phone Numbers List can encourage the customer to enter the store; are exposed to more frequent returns – the customer is not able to try on clothes before making a purchase, as in the case of traditional stores. Advantages Internet users shopping online.

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They have a very wide range to choose from. Can shop from anywhere; can shop at any time of the day or night; save time; they save money. Defects Internet users shopping online: are at risk of receiving a product not as described; are at risk of receiving a product that does not meet their expectations; they take a risk, because there is a higher probability that clothes bought online will have to be returned. Summary As you can see, the advantages of selling clothes online – both for entrepreneurs and for customers – outweigh the disadvantages. It should Leads Blue also be added that the listed disadvantages do not apply to every online clothing store. Most of these.

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