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Remember that these are not perfect data, the UU indicator can be “cheat” even by entering the website from different browsers – then we will be count as two UU and not one. Other important terms are pageview – this parameter determines the number of pageviews of a given page, i.e. how many times it was load (e.g. by refreshing). – Click-through rate – thanks to it you can check whether a given ad is effective. It is check how many people enter it to go to the store’s website or get information about its promotion. This ratio is obtain by dividing the number of clicks on an ad by the number of impressions. – Conversion – it is about the user performing some action on the page he reach by clicking on the ad.

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Of course, most business owners will be happy when an internet user makes a purchase. However, other desirable actions include downloading a file with a promotion or subscribing to a newsletter. It is important to properly configure the conversions we want to measure! Advertising campaign – methods of settlement Advertising campaigns conduct on the Internet should be properly account for. There are different ways of billing. There are mainly terms that are important here Price per click – Price per thousand (CPM). The first option is about Japan Phone Number List billing when a user clicks on a given ad, although you can also assume the method of billing in advance for ad impressions. The CPM model is most often us at the moment. The abbreviation stands for Cost Per Mille, which literally means “cost of a thousand.

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Advertisers then decide where the advertisement should appear. However, if someone wants to, they can settle in other ways. You can also choose from the so-call CPS, CPA, CPL and FF sales. No matter what advertising campaign you want to run and how to account for it, it is important to configure it well to reach the best possible target group. A good campaign should attract attention and increase interest in the store – and ultimately also increase the sale of its goods. Without such presence in the network, you can rather record losses instead of profits. Knowing Leads Blue the basic concepts of the advertising industry, it will be easier to delve into its information even deeper.

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