If your LinkIn company profile is valuable

You can prepare a banner with an incentive to visit the company profile. Remember, don’t force anything. Encourage, but subtly. LinkIn company page and admin activity and invite people from your contact list . Every month you have crits on LinkIn to use to invite people from your contact list. This pool is shar by all administrators. Use it wisely, because invitations cannot be withdrawn. Each time the invitee accepts the invitation, crit will be return to the pool. Inviting people from your customer base . If your company profile on LinkIn is interesting, contains expert knowlge and interesting facts from the market, it is worth thinking about mailing to your customer base.

What Modern B2B Sales Look Like

As above, make sure it’s not spam. Think of an extra incentive. LinkIn has introduc an interesting change to their account (read HERE about what’s new on LinkIn) and administrators can check who lik their account. Try to automate your activities and in exchange for adding a company account on LinkIn for Latest Mailing Database observation, you can send the client, for example, an interesting article as a thank you. Keeping an active account and publishing regularly . All your efforts will be for nothing if your LinkIn account is inactive. The basis of communication on LinkIn is active, systematic, thoughtful and expert communication .

Latest Mailing Database

An The Company’s Attorneys in Fact

Develop a publication calendar in the company, write posts in advance, if necessary, use publishing tools, e.g. hootsuite or spostfity Share your knowlge, don’t spam . Remember about valuable content, publish expert and substantive content, promote employees, share case studies. If you really ne to publish a sales post, do it subtly and occasionally. and well run, customers will come by themselves. Take care of SEO . SEO is not just a website. Take Leads Blue care of your positioning in Social Mia. Remember that Google indexes more and more content from Facebook or LinkIn.

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