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This will give you a better understanding of each blog’s audience, which will allow you to better address their needs when presenting your story for an interview or podcast. Chats are fun because they’re always looking for more active participants and they might invite you to moderate their chat after you’ve introduced yourself a few times with useful information. There are more digital PR opportunities out there so let’s talk a little more using Twitter is still one of the best ways to connect with bloggers and journalists and respond to their sourcing requests.

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Search is where you can start. You can search on and enter keywords combined with or and you can search on people so you can enter your keywords in phone number list combination with journalists, journalists or bloggers. Monitoring specific hashtags that journalists use to find interesting sources is also a good Idea requests You can set them in a separate column to follow them and recommend them as sources when you have expertise. Using free and paid platforms There are many platforms that connect journalists and bloggers with resources to help them diversify their stories and become more trustworthy. You don’t have to use them all, but consider a few of them before deciding which one to focus on.

Inquiries are emailed in digest three times a day

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Hello Now is one of the best free services available for companies and experts who want to become sources. Journalists from major media outlets Leads Blue such as and use their service to source their stories. When you sign up. For a free account. As a source you can choose. To receive journalist requests. On topics such as business and finance. Tech, lifestyle and fitness and travel. You can also sign up. For catch-all categories. Information requests are sent via digest email three times a day.

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