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It is a very simple and effective model that consists of two parts Value Proposition and Customer Profile. Each of these parts is divid into three elements. In the Value Proposition section, the key are Gain Generation creating benefits , Pain Relievers relieving pain and Products & Services products and services. The second part of the tool consists of. Gains benefits , Pains pains and Customer Jobs customer tasks. value proposition canvas. Your task will be to find connections between the benefits creat by your brand and the benefits that the customer. Can get or expect, your pain relief and consumers’ pain, your currentfuture products and services and the tasks your customers have to do.

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The company’s offer should solve the customer’s problems and meet his nes. Thanks to the fact that the user uses the brand’s products in the performance of his tasks, he feels the benefits of this. Consumers have a variety of products to choose from to help Bahrain Mobile Number List them relieve pain and perform tasks. But each of these products will do it differently slower, faster, analog. Digital, more expensive, cheaper, more effective. It is important to find a differentiator and communicate it to the market. See Business Model Canvas Good practices Allegro is a mine of good practices.

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Maybe you remember how some time ago when. Browsing through the offers, you had to go through the same offers to find anything. Allegro met its users’ expectations and combin the same offers, thanks to which it is easier to browse the main fe. source Allegro application Another good Allegro solution is Allegro Smart, a service thanks to which the customer receives an unlimit number of free shipments of course, after paying for the subscription. So you Leads Blue pay once for the shipment and you order as much as you want. Another example of a well design value proposition is, of course, Netflix.

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