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Increasing the involvement of employees. In the company’s activities transferring some of the employees’ responsibility for promoting the brand. Online will certainly make them feel appreciat and trust; according to Hinge. Research Institute research https hingemarketinguploadshinge research employee advocacy.pdf as many as of employees who took part in the employee advocacy program admitt that it had a positive impact on their professional careers· Improvement of the company’s position on the labor market what is clear, positive. Opinions from the employees themselves present our company well in the eyes of peoplelooking for employment.

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How to properly implement the EA. When trying to introduce an employee advocacy program, as with any other moves within the company, it is. Important to set measurable goals that we want to achieve. It could be increasing sales by a certain percentage, wanting to. Strengthen the employee’s bond with the company, trying to boost marketing results, such as engaging. Current followers or acquiring new ones, or, of course, all three at once. However, the Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List most important thing is to define the strategy to know where we want to get and how we plan to get there. valuating the situation. R hat He is responsible for feelings. It is the opposite of a white hate.

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Establishing a brand ambassador and a. Project group that will devote a specific part of their working time to trying to implement the program will certainly have a positive impact on the final result. The choice of these people must be well thought. Out and discuss within the company not only with the managers, but also with possible members of the program. Only an employee who is one hundr percent committ and trusting the company will be Leads Blue able to create. Authentic content that will inspire the trust of recipients. After discussing the initial assumptions and strategy, there is nothing left but to start.

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